Low slope roofing in Mesa, AZ, is considered anything with a pitch that ranges from 2/12 to 4/12. Low slope roofs do not distribute water as quickly as traditional, steeper roofs. This is one of the main concerns during installation. Fortunately, many solutions have been engineered into the design to bypass any challenges that a low slope roof may meet. Here, at Axis Roofing, we can help you better understand the challenges that you’ll face and help you find feasible solutions.

If you plan on installing a low slope roof, the material you choose can significantly affect the overall result. One of the most popular materials for low slope roofs is rubber, as it securely adheres to the materials below and creates a watertight seal. Other than material, the following essential things to look at are the structural deck, the thermal insulation, the membrane, the flashing, and the air retarders.