We believe life is about more than working day in a day out — it’s about leaving a positive impact on our community and those within our reach.

As a team, we participate in regular service projects such as Feed My Starving Children and cleaning up hiking trails in Sedona. It’s always a blast to serve together with a common goal of helping and lightening the load of those around us.

As a company, we sponsor several roofs a year, both material and labor, for those in dire need. Because we treat each customer like a friend, as we get to know them we occasionally meet someone with no options left to repair their home, like an elderly widow or a cancer fighter who is fighting alone for example. Every person deserves to have a roof over their head so they can focus on more important life circumstances.

Axis Roofing Team

Our customers also get to participate, as a percentage of each roof is donated to the X Factor Foundation. By trusting Axis Roofing to take care of their home, they are also helping to provide a safe roof for someone in need.

X Factor Foundation gives ourselves, our team, and our customers a place to give back and know we are making a positive impact on our neighbors and community.

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Mission statement:

The X Factor Foundation serves those within our reach to support their most important needs such as food, shelter, mental health and other necessary items.

Core Values:

  • We strive to make a positive impact for others.
  • We believe in kindness, charity, carrying one another’s burdens, and support.